Custom Printed Labels

Aluminium Barcode Tags

Aluminium Barcode Tag

China Labels supply Aluminium Barcode Tags. Metal Barcode Tags including Aluminium Metal Barcode Tag, Stainless Barcode Tag, Titanium Metal Barcode Labels. Metal Barcode Tags are

Security Labels

Security labels

We supply various sizes Security labels, Security sticker. Warranty VOID Labels Tamper Evident VOID Security Labels Ultra-destructible Labels When removal is attempted

Clear Labels

Clear labels

We supply Clear labels, Clear Label sticker, Transparent labels, Clear cosmetic label and other labels. Clear labels are frequently used on water bottles, cosmetics, health &

Care Labels

Care Labels

A care label is a label attached to a garment or fabric giving the manufacturer's instructions for its care and cleaning, it is a kind of decorating label. Features Specifications:

Warranty VOID Labels - DO NOT PEEL OFF

Warranty VOID Labels

We can supply all kinds of Warranty VOID Labels, different color, different void message. We can custom the "VOID"message, such as: "VOID OPEN", "YOUR LOGO". Self-adhesive tamper-evident

Custom Printed Stickers

Bath & Body Labels

Bath & Body Labels

We supply almost every type of bath & body product labels. Bath & Body Labels resistant to moisture and feature a strong adherence to curved and flexible surfaces.High adhesive,no

Gold Stamping Labels Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing

Gold Stamping Labels

Gold Stamping Labels - Foil stamping and/or Embossing is used to enhance the look of a label. This effect is often used for wine labels and specialty food products. Hot-Stamping is

Matte Silver Polyester Label

Matte Silver Polyester Labels

Matte Silver Polyester Labels used for automotive and electronics manufacturing industries are durable, waterproof, tear proof, scratch and heat resistant. Matte Silver Polyester

Metal Asset Barcodes Tags

Metal Barcodes Tags

We can supply all kinds of Metal Barcodes Tags, Aluminium Barcode Tag,  Asset Barcode Tags, Aluminum Barcodes Nameplates, Aluminium metal label with barcodes printing (3M467/3M468). Different

China Custom Printed Removable Labels

Removable Labels

We provide Removable Labels. High quality and low cost. Removable Labels,removable adhesive label,removable sticker label,Thermal Transfer Removable label. Materials: wood-free,

Self Adhesive Labels

Ultra-destructible Labels

Ultra-destructible Labels

The Ultradestructible labels breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it.This kind security labels and seals are very brittle and will self-destruct or "nick" when tampered

Serial Number Labels

Serial Number Labels

Serial numbering is possible for screen printing and offset printing and can consist of one or two lines, as you prefer. Bar code can be serial number, high quality, suitable for industrial

Garment Hang Tag

Garment Hang Tag

  Garment Hang Tag widely used for clothes, trousers, jeans and so on. Hang tags can be made according to Clients' samples, designs or artworks. Various sizes,colors,

Tyvek ATM Card Sleeves

Tyvek ATM Card Sleeves

We can offer all kinds of Tyvek ATM card sleeves, Tyvek  Card  Holder. The Tyvek ATM card sleeves are made of Tyvek. Strong and Durable, Moisture Resistant. Tyvek is lighter

Danger Warning Labels

Danger Warning Labels

Danger Warning labels is Hazardous Danger, Warning and Cautions safety signs. Usually made from vinyl and often overlaminated with a clear film for total print protection. Warning labels