Aluminium Barcode Tag

China Labels supply Aluminium Barcode Tags. Metal Barcode Tags including Aluminium Metal Barcode Tag, Stainless Barcode Tag, Titanium Metal Barcode Labels.

Metal Barcode Tags are ideal for asset and inventory marking and identification. Usually for high temperature harsh environments. Such as Asset number labels, Equipment ID tags, Company identification, Asset tracking, Inventory management etc.

Aluminium Barcode Tags

Aluminium Metal Barcode Tags

  • Aluminium Metal Barcode Tag -40~100℃
  • Stainless Barcode Tag -40~150℃
  • Titanium Metal Barcode Labels -50~200℃

Custom Printed Metal Barcodes Tags

Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.5 mm

Self adhesive and/or punched holes

Sequential numbers or variable information

Barcodes with/without readable text, Code 128 etc.

All barcodes are verified and checked for scanner readability

Please contact us for more information about Metal Asset Barcodes Tags.

Security labels

We supply various sizes Security labels, Security sticker.

Security Labels

Security Labels

When removal is attempted the labeled surface is marked with a “VOID”. Tamper Evident Labels make great security seals, warranty seals, property of labels and much more.

All kinds of sticker are available to make according to customers requirements, Material including PET, Fragile paper, hologram film, watermark paper and other special paper.

If someone attempts to remove a security label, the material tears. Security Label can be used for anti-fake.

Ultra Destructible Labels for Electronic industry, Cell Phone, Guarantee label, Warranty label.

Please contact us if you are interested in Security labels.

Clear labels

We supply Clear labels, Clear Label sticker, Transparent labels, Clear cosmetic label and other labels.

Clear labels are frequently used on water bottles, cosmetics, health & beauty items, household products, and much more.

Clear labels can let your product show through the label for a dramatic effect.

Clear Labels

Clear Labels

Clear Labels give any product a sharp look allowing only the graphics to show on the surface it is applied. Clear labels are perfect for health & beauty industry which will give the look that the print is done right on the bottle, no label look.

Features of Clear Labels are: Transparent, Weatherproof, Durability, Surface of application shows through, No Label Look etc.

Clear labels can be made in almost every shape imaginable, easy stick, high qulity of color printing.

Care Labels

A care label is a label attached to a garment or fabric giving the manufacturer’s instructions for its care and cleaning, it is a kind of decorating label.

Features Specifications: Care Labels, Washing Label, Size Label, Main Label, Brand Label

Printing technique: letterpress printing or offset, color printing.

Care Labels

Care Labels

Garment Care labels are widely use in Garment, Clothes, Bags, Sleeping bags, Filled bedding, Bedding Products, Furniture, mattresses, toys etc.

The care labels are sometimes references as content labels, wash care labels, or care instruction labels. The care label describes the allowable treatment of the garment without damaging the textile.

Custom Printed Care Labels

Material: Care Label, Silk Label, Washing Label, Tyvek Labels

We accept clients’ designs and can custom care labels.

Warranty VOID Labels

We can supply all kinds of Warranty VOID Labels, different color, different void message. We can custom the “VOID”message, such as: “VOID OPEN”, “YOUR LOGO”. Self-adhesive tamper-evident warranty labels can be customised to any requirements. Custom printing, such as your company’s logo, bar code, variable field such as, serial number, or a message available.

Warranty VOID Labels - DO NOT PEEL OFF

Warranty VOID Labels

When removal is attempted the labeled surface is marked with a white “VOID” pattern. The removed label is rendered useless by becoming clear in the “VOID” areas. Available in white or silver face stock. Available pre-printed or blank. Pre-printed labels are also available with a protective over-laminate providing even greater durability.

Warranty VOID Label Features: “VOID” will leave when you peel off the label, can be used in anti-counterfeit, Serial number on security void labels. Client’s logos are available. Please contact us for the details, we will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

Bath & Body Labels

We supply almost every type of bath & body product labels.

Bath & Body Labels resistant to moisture and feature a strong adherence to curved and flexible surfaces.High adhesive,no residue.

Bath & Body Labels

Bath & Body Labels

Bath & Body Labels design on your request.

Bath & Body Labels application:luxurious body lotions,shower gels,salt scrubs,massage oils.

Waterproof and oil proof.

Gold Stamping Labels

Gold Stamping Labels – Foil stamping and/or Embossing is used to enhance the look of a label. This effect is often used for wine labels and specialty food products. Hot-Stamping is a process of fusing a bright, metallic foil onto the label with a combination of heat and pressure. The beauty and shine of our hot-stamping labels are sure to catch the eye of your customers and give your product an elegant look.

Gold Stamping Labels Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing

Gold Stamping Labels

Custom printed Gold Stamping Labels Applications:

Wine Labels
Specialty Food
Chocolate labels
Anniversary Seals
Product Labels

Custom printed foil stamped labels are available in red, blue, green, silver, gold, pink, purple, teal, aqua, and copper. This is not a metallic-looking ink, but it is an incredibly thin layer of real metal.

Gold Stamping Labels can in roll or sheet.

Matte Silver Polyester Labels

Matte Silver Polyester Labels used for automotive and electronics manufacturing industries are durable, waterproof, tear proof, scratch and heat resistant.

Matte Silver Polyester Label ideal for labelling of electrical appliances, electronic and automotive parts. UV stable with excellent resistance to solvents, scuffing, heat, moisture and ageing.

Matte Silver Polyester Label

Matte Silver Polyester Label

Permanent Adhesive
Liner: Yellow paper or glassine paper
Matte Silver Polyester Label
Barcode Matte Silver Polyester Label
Blank Matte Silver Label
Bright Silver Polyester Label
In Roll or in sheet.
Finish: Matte finish, gloss finish
1-6 colors UV printing

Matte Silver Label super permanent self adhesive is designed for excellent long term use indoors and outdoors.

Our Matte Silver Polyester Labels are thermal transfer printable and usually require a resin thermal transfer ribbon.

Metal Barcodes Tags

We can supply all kinds of Metal Barcodes Tags, Aluminium Barcode Tag,  Asset Barcode Tags, Aluminum Barcodes Nameplates, Aluminium metal label with barcodes printing (3M467/3M468).

Metal Asset Barcodes Tags

Metal Barcodes Tags

Different kinds of barcodes printing available, 2D Barcodes, such as UPC, EAN etc, please contact us if you require a different type of Metal Barcodes Tags.

  • Self adhesive and/or punched holes
  • Sequential numbers or variable information

Please contact us for more information about Metal Asset Barcodes Tags.

Removable Labels

We provide Removable Labels. High quality and low cost. Removable Labels,removable adhesive label,removable sticker label,Thermal Transfer Removable label.

China Custom Printed Removable Labels

Removable Labels

Materials: wood-free, semi-gloss, cast-gloss paper, PET, PP, PVC, PE, and other specialty self-adhesive materials.

Technology:water base varnish,UV,Glossy,Matte,glue glossy film,glue matte film,bronzing printing,blistering,concave,emboss etc.

Shape: flexible shapes and sizes are available relying on the requirement of customers.