Aluminium Barcode Tag

China Labels supply Aluminium Barcode Tags. Metal Barcode Tags including Aluminium Metal Barcode Tag, Stainless Barcode Tag, Titanium Metal Barcode Labels.

Metal Barcode Tags are ideal for asset and inventory marking and identification. Usually for high temperature harsh environments. Such as Asset number labels, Equipment ID tags, Company identification, Asset tracking, Inventory management etc.

Aluminium Barcode Tags

Aluminium Metal Barcode Tags

  • Aluminium Metal Barcode Tag -40~100℃
  • Stainless Barcode Tag -40~150℃
  • Titanium Metal Barcode Labels -50~200℃

Custom Printed Metal Barcodes Tags

Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.5 mm

Self adhesive and/or punched holes

Sequential numbers or variable information

Barcodes with/without readable text, Code 128 etc.

All barcodes are verified and checked for scanner readability

Please contact us for more information about Metal Asset Barcodes Tags.